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Long-Awaited Train to King of Prussia Would Boost Economy, Study Says
Newsworks WHYY, 12/04/2015
Analyzing Benefits of Extending the Norristown High Speed Line to KOP
CBS/KYW, 12/03/2015
Study: King of Prussia Rail a Fast Track to Growth, 12/03/2015
KOP Rail Could add Nearly $1B in Real Estate Value
Philadelphia Business Journal, 12/03/2015
Report Makes Case for King of Prussia Rail Line
Philadelphia Magazine, 12/03/2015
Economic Analysis Shows Benefits of NHSL Extension into Upper Merion
The Times Herald, 12/03/2015
How The Twin Cities Got Transit Right
CNN Money, 10/01/2015
How Car-Centric Cities, like Phoenix, Learned to Love Light Rail, 08/01/2015

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