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King of Prussia Rail: Recent milestones & next steps
422 Business Advisor, 11/02/2018
New webinar series highlights impacts of KOP Rail
422 Business Advisor, 11/02/2018
Inspired by King of Prussia, West Chester ramps up campaign to restore rail service
PlanPhilly, 11/01/2018
Dems eye infrastructure to deliver early win if they take the house, 10/29/2018
What’s the latest on the KOP Rail project? Philly, 08/23/2018
New webinar series highlights the impacts of KOP Rail
King of Prussia Rail Coalition Press Release, 08/22/2018
SEPTA’s high speed line for King of Prussia moves on to the next step
Montco Today, 07/17/2018
King of Prussia Rail project on the next step
Philadelphia Business Journal, 07/16/2018
SEPTA issues RFP for preliminary design of King of Prussia Rail extension
Railway Track & Structures, 07/03/2018
SEPTA Looking to hire engineering consultant for King of Prussia Rail
Pottstown Mercury, 07/02/2018

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