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KOP provides convenience and jobs
Philadelphia Inquirer, 07/12/2021
Pandemic woes aside, SEPTA still on track for KOP rail expansion starting 2025
KYW News Radio, 12/08/2020
SEPTA doubles down on commitment to $2B King of Prussia Rail project
The Philadelphia Inquirer, 12/02/2020
SEPTA’s King of Prussia Rail project still a go despite budget shortfalls
Philly Voice, 12/02/2020
Mayor Kenney makes pick for long-vacant SEPTA board seat representing Philadelphia
The Philadelphia Inquirer, 02/05/2020
SEPTA aims to make passenger information at Regional Rail stations more consistent
The Philadelphia Inquirer, 12/20/2019
Report highlights PA transportation challenges
The Phoenix, 11/30/2019
PennDOT Secretary Leslie Richards to lead SEPTA
witf, 11/22/2019
SEPTA poised to shift to Democrats’ control for first time in its history
The Philadelphia Inquirer, 11/08/2019
Though expensive, the King of Prussia rail line is necessary | Opinion
The Philadelphia Inquirer, 03/15/2019

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