About King of Prussia Rail

What is King of Prussia Rail?

King of Prussia Rail is a proposed 4 mile extension of SEPTA’s existing Norristown High Speed Line (NHSL) that, when complete, will provide high-speed “one seat” passenger rail service to the largest commercial and employment center in the suburban Philadelphia region: King of Prussia.

Currently the existing NHSL stations are at King of Prussia’s edge, bypassing core amenities and employment hubs like the King of Prussia Mall (~7,500 employees), Valley Forge Casino Resort (~1,000 employees) and Moore Park KOP (formerly known as the King of Prussia Business Park) (~20,000 employees).

There are over 63,000 people working in King of Prussia. Of those employees, 87% currently commute by car. Moreover, the landmarks of Valley Forge National Historical Park and the King of Prussia Mall attract over 2.6M and 20M visitors a year, respectively. With an average of over 130,000 people in the area every day, the need for an efficient transportation system that will ease some of the traffic and delays on area roadways is evident.

For communities southwest of the Schuylkill River, King of Prussia can act as an easy access point to SEPTA’s NHSL and the fantastic resources that would normally require sitting in traffic.  This includes educational opportunities at the 10 universities and colleges located right along the Norristown High Speed Line. These institutions offer a wide range of academic, recreational, and career-training programs, along with job opportunities needed for teaching and staffing these campus communities. The proposed rail project will make it easier to get to school and access the talent pool needed for the growing business community in King of Prussia.

Visit SEPTA’s project website for updates, frequently asked questions and more information.

Project Website

Why King of Prussia Rail is Vital

The importance of transportation by rail cannot be overstated. Below is a listing of just some of the potential benefits of King of Prussia Rail. The rail project will:

  • Create short-term and long-term jobs and bolster the local economy
  • Provide a direct transportation alternative to the largest commercial center in the suburban Philadelphia region for employees and visitors
  • Increase property values adjacent to the line
  • Create opportunities for new office, housing and retail projects within walking distance of the line
  • Reduce travel time and distance traveled for commuters, consumers and residents alike
  • Lower infrastructure costs for businesses and municipalities
  • Reduce congestion and traffic
  • Improve air quality and reduce pollutants
  • Provide savings to commuters on gas and maintenance of vehicles
  • Help keep Upper Merion real estate taxes low by improving the competitive edge for commercial activity along the rail line



  • King of Prussia is Montgomery County’s economic hub and the largest employment center in the suburban Philadelphia region.
  • Approximately 87% of KOP’s 50,000+ commuters drive a car to work each day.
  • KOP’s auto commuter population grew by 8,000 between 2003 and 2013, adding to traffic and congestion challenges.
  • The NHSL train uses quiet electric power instead of loud diesel engines to operate.
  • King of Prussia Rail will provide King of Prussia residents with a great alternative mode of travel to arts, cultural, dining and other attractions in Philadelphia.



  • 10,500 | current number of daily rides on the existing NHSL
  • 5,400-6,300 | number of direct, indirect & induced jobs in Southeastern PA that King of Prussia Rail construction would sustain
  • Up 66-81% | amount NHSL ridership is expected to increase with the addition of King of Prussia Rail
  • 310,000 | projected amount of square footage of real estate development per year stimulated by King of Prussia Rail
  • 30+ | estimated transit travel time savings per vehicle from Center City (in minutes)
  • 18M | estimated number of vehicle miles saved through King of Prussia Rail annually
  • 104,000-217,000 | hours of travel time saved per year for existing transit riders, valued at $2.6M-$4.7M
  • 1.7M-2.1M | hours of travel time saved per year for drivers, valued at $36.4M-$44.5M
  • $1.5M-$1.9M | the value of air pollution reduction as a result of King of Prussia Rail
  • 900-1,500 | estimated number of jobs King of Prussia Rail will bring to King of Prussia every year

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